National Pooling Administrator
2023 PA Survey

To:                   Block Holders, State Regulators and Other Interested Parties

FROM:             Numbering Administration Oversight Working Group

DATE:             February 1, 2024

RE:                  NANC Seeks Public Input on the 2023 Performance of the
                        Pooling Administrator (PA)

RESPONSE DUE BY:  March 31, 2024

The Numbering Administration Oversight Working Group (NAOWG) of the NANC seeks your input on the performance of the PA during the calendar year 2023.  For your convenience, the survey can be completed and submitted online at

Your input will be used to evaluate the PA’s performance for 2023.  Respondents are encouraged to provide written comments with specific examples.  The final report of the 2023 performance of the PA, incorporated into the 2023 NANPA/PA/RNA Performance Evaluation, will be posted on NANC - North American Numbering Council (

The evaluation report will be reviewed with the PA and the FCC and made available to the public upon its approval by the NANC.   Every survey response properly submitted will be reviewed by the NAOWG and provided only to the FCC and the PA.  Other parties requesting to view specific individual responses must receive permission from the FCC.

Please note that respondents are asked to submit only one (aggregated) survey per entity (e.g., company, agency, etc.).  If multiple surveys for an entity are received, the NAOWG will consolidate the responses so that one response per entity is counted.

If you have any questions, please contact the following NAOWG representatives:

Philip Linse,
Lara Walt,
Karen Riepenkroger,

Thank you for your participation in this important process.