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Frequently Asked Questions

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Pooling Administration System (PAS) Accounts
As a consultant for one or more service providers, what is required of me before I request a user id and password for PAS and/or add additional OCNs to my existing PAS user profile? Answer
Why am I prompted to change my password when I login to PAS for the first time after receiving a new password? Answer
Can more than one person share a PAS User id and password? Answer
If I forgot my password for PAS, how can I obtain a new password?
If I forgot my user id for PAS, how can I obtain my user id? Answer
What I if keep trying to login and keep getting an error message? Answer
How often do I need to reset my password for PAS? Answer
General PAS Questions
Is there a PAS User Guide and if so, where can I find it? Answer
What effect does a pop-up blocker have on PAS? Answer
Is there a time-out feature in PAS? Answer
While working in PAS, why doesn’t PAS provide me with a time-out warning? Answer
Why am I not receiving an email notification once the PA issues a Part 3A? Answer
When I am out of the office, how can my back-up be notified about my pending PAS requests? Answer
What happens if I accidentally delete a work item in my PAS Work Item Summary List? Does this change anything relative to the actual work I’m doing in PAS? Or do I just lose the "tracking" ability provided by PAS? Answer
Are the PAS work items in my Work Item Summary List automatically removed after a period of time, or am I the only one who can remove them? Answer
Why are there, both PAS generated emails and PAS work items for the same items? Answer
Once I request and receive a code to establish an LRN, can I request additional blocks using that LRN? Answer
Where can I locate a list of assigned thousands-blocks? Answer
Where can I locate a list of available thousands-blocks? Answer
Where can I locate a list of retained thousands–blocks? Answer
If I want to pull a report for more than one NPA at a time for the blocks available, or assigned, or retained report, how can I do that? Answer
How can I pull a report for all available, assigned and retained blocks? Answer
Am I able to print reports? Answer
How far back do the reports in PAS go? Answer
General Pooling Related Questions
How do I determine if a rate center is in pooling or not? Answer
How do I opt into pooling in an excluded rate center? Answer
If I choose to participate in Thousands-Block number pooling in an optional rate center, can I withdraw from pooling in that optional rate center at any time? Answer
How do I determine if a Thousands-Block is contaminated or not? Answer
Thousands-Block Donations/Disconnects
What happens if I donated/disconnected a Thousands-Block in error? Answer
What steps must I take prior to donating/disconnecting a Thousands-Block? Answer
When should we donate/return Thousands-Blocks to the pool? Answer
What do I need to do after my donations/returns have been processed and accepted by the PA? Answer
Thousands-Block Forecasts
How often do I need to submit a forecast? Answer
Once I submit a forecast, can I change it? Answer
Do I enter the number of TNs (telephone numbers) or the number of Thousands-Blocks on the forecast form? Answer
If I made an error on my forecast submission, can I have that forecast removed from PAS? Answer
Is there a way to track forecast submissions or modifications to an existing forecast in PAS? Answer
Once you submit a new forecast or modify an existing forecast in PAS, how soon is PAS updated? Answer
Is there an easier way to submit a zero forecast for multiple rate centers? Answer
If I don’t request a block in the month I forecasted a need, will my forecast roll over to the next month? Answer
Can I submit my forecasts via FTP? Answer
Block Reservations
When can a block reservation be requested? Answer
For my block reservation what do I need to provide that shows that a state waiver has been submitted? Answer
How long is a block reserved for? Answer
Part 1A Form and Part 1 Forms
What is the standard Thousands-Block effective date? Answer
What is an expedited effective date and how do I indicate this on my Part 1A form? Answer

When I submit a request for a Pooled CO Code in PAS do I need to send anything to the PA?

What should I do if I notice an error on a request that I just submitted? Answer
Can my co-worker modify a request on my behalf? Answer
Is there a way I can save a Part 1A Request in PAS? Answer
How long will my request remain saved? Answer
Can I pull up a co-worker’s saved requests? Answer
Can I submit a block transfer through PAS? Answer
State Waivers
Does PAS issue a denial for a State Waiver? Answer
Do you have to completely re-enter a new request after you receive the approval from a state commission? Answer
Part 1B Form
Who do I contact if my Part 1B is rejected? Answer
How do I properly identify on the Part 1B form whether I should mark the NPAC Activate as Yes or No? Answer
What happens if I enter wrong Point Codes (DPC, SSN, etc) on the Part 1B forms? Answer
What happens if I enter the wrong LRN on the Part 1B forms?
On the Part 1B form, when should I check 'For Information Only'? Answer
If I submit a new code request and I want the blocks that I keep to be activated in the NPAC, how do I accomplish that? Answer
Months-to-Exhaust Worksheet
When do I need to complete the Months-to-Exhaust Worksheet? Answer
How do I calculate the utilization level? Answer
Part 4A Form
Can I reply to the ‘Confirmation of Thousands-Block In Service - Part4A Reminder" email with my Part 4A form? Answer
How many customers do you have to have on a block in order to submit a Part 4A? Answer
If I request an effective date change for my new block assignment, will my Part 4A due date change? Answer
How do I extend my Part 4A due date? Answer
Part 5 Form
What is the purpose of the Part 5 form? As a Code Holder, why do I receive the “Part 5 Approved by NPAC” emails?  Answer
Block and Code Disconnects
What is the difference between a disconnected block and a donated block? Answer
Why is a reason required in the ‘Remarks’ field, when returning a block that is more than 10% contaminated? Answer
If I am returning a code and the blocks from that code, do I need to complete two separate requests? Answer
General Questions
Who do I contact if I have a question on my NRUF? Answer
Where can I locate the Thousands-Block (NPA-NXX-X) & Central Office Code (NPA-NXX) Administration Guidelines (TBCOCAG)? Answer
Who do I contact if I have a question for the NPAC? Answer
What do I do if the NPA is in jeopardy and I participate in pooling in the NPA Answer
What happens if I am having a Page error? What I should I do? Answer