National Pooling Administrator
Tools - PAS Suggestions
If you would like to see a new feature or enhancement added to the
Pooling Administrator System (PAS) please use our form here.

Once we receive your request, we will review it to determine whether more than one service
provider or regulator user could benefit from the change. If not, Pooling will work with you in suggesting alternatives that are currently available, such as a report, another resource, etc… If the enhancement impacts overall usage for service providers or regulators, we will prepare a change order outlining the changes to be made to the system, including the cost of the enhancement or change, and will send it to the FCC for consideration. If the requestor wishes to have the PA include a copy of the suggestion along with the change order, for purposes of attribution, we will include it. If the FCC approves the change order it will be implemented in PAS in a future build.