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Quarterly Pooling Tip – July 2022


Verify CO Code is Loaded in NPAC Prior to Submitting Part 4A when Block Holder is Not the Code Holder


As a reminder, the Code Holder are required to “load the Pooled CO Code into the NPAC database within 10 calendar days of the Pooled CO Code being Assigned by the NANPA” per Section 8.2.4 (c) of the TBCOCAG.

When the Block Holder is not the Code Holder for an assigned thousands-block, the block holder should verify that the CO code is loaded in the NPAC ( prior to assigning customers and submitting a Part 4A to confirm the thousands-block is in-service.


If the CO code is NOT loaded in the NPAC, the Block Holder can reach out to NANPA to contact the Code Holder on the status of the CO code. 


If you have any questions, please contact Number Pooling Customer Support at 866-623-2282 or

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