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Quarterly Pooling Tip – May 2024

Effective Date Preference for New Block, Block Modification, New ISP Block Port, ISP Block Port Modification, ISP Block Port Disconnect and Block Disconnect Requests

When submitting a New Block, Block Modification, New ISP Block Port, ISP Block Port Modification, ISP Block Port Disconnect or Block Disconnect request in PAS, to specify an Effective Date preference complete one of the following:

Below are the fields provided in PAS where the user will communicate their effective date preference and what action NANPA will take:

  1. For an Effective Date of 24 calendar days from when NANPA processes the request, select “By selecting this checkbox, I acknowledge that I am requesting the earliest possible effective date the Administrator can grant. Please note that this only applies to a reduction in the Administrator's processing time, however the request will still be processed in the order received.” checkbox and the leave the default requested Effective Date as is on the Part 1A.
  2. For an Expedited Effective Date, select “Yes” for “Request Expedited Treatment”:

For an effective date of 8 business days or 9 calendar days, from the date NANPA processes the request leave the default Requested Effective Date.

NOTE: For a new block request when you are applying for more than 1 block and you would like some of the blocks expedited but not all blocks you will not select the “Yes” for expedite. Instead, state in the “Remarks” section “Expedite block 1” or state whichever block you would like expedited since if all blocks on the specific application are not all expedited than your request may not be marked as an expedite.

  1. For an Effective Date other than the default effective date, enter the requested effective in the Requested Effective Date field.

For additional information on Effective Dates, refer to Sections 5.1.7, 5.2.8, 9.1.11, 11.1.9, 13.1.1, 13.2.1 of the Thousands-Block (NPA-NXX-X) & Central Office Code (NPA-NXX) Administration Guidelines. To access the current INC Guidelines located on the ATIS website. Go to

  • Locate the Guidelines referenced above and click on the Image (under Actions) next to the Guideline and select Download. The name listing may vary slightly. The Guidelines will download as a zip file.

If you have any questions, please contact Customer Support at 866-623-2282 or

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