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The PA sends the “Quarterly Pooling Tip” to the Pooling Administration System (PAS) users on such topics as Pooling processes and general customer education.

Quarterly Pooling Tip – October 2018

Adding a New OCN to a PAS User Profile

An Operating Company Number (OCN) is a four place alphanumeric code that uniquely identifies providers of local telecommunications service. OCN assignments are required of all SPs in their submission of utilization and forecast data (FCC 00-104 ¶ 41 and Public Notice DA 00-1549).

A Company OCN must be in PAS in order to add it to a user profile. If you receive the error message, “Invalid OCN. Must be 4 digit alpha-numeric and must exist in PAS.” When attempting to add a new Company OCN to your PAS user profile please email the customer support desk at to have the new Company OCN added to PAS.

In your email to the customer support desk you shall include the following information in order for the customer support desk to add the new Company OCN to PAS.
  • The Company OCN letter from NECA for the specific Company OCN being added.
  • License, Certification, or FCC Authorization documentation for the Company OCN category as outlined in Section of the Thousands Block Pooling Administration Guidelines (TBPAG).

NOTE: If the Company OCN name is different from the company name listed in the Company Name field on the registration, additional documentation may be needed showing the relationship/affiliation between the companies.

  •  Service Provider (SP) users should only add Company OCNs associated with their own company.
  • Service Provider Consultant (SPC) users should only add Company OCNs where a letter of authorization (LOA) has been received from the SP indicating the SPC user may enter data into PAS on their behalf.

PAS profile updates adding Company OCNs may be rejected if the SP/SPC user does not have authority or does not provide documentation to support the addition of an OCN(s).

For more information on updating your PAS User Profile see section 10 of the PAS Service Provider and Service Provider Consultant User Guide located on under Documents link.

The LOA shall:

  • be on the service provider’s company letterhead,

  • list the authorized consultant’s name (or consultant’s company name)

  • indicate that the consultant is authorized to have access as a user in PAS and can act on the service provider’s behalf for submission of numbering resources,

  • list all OCNs for which the letter applies,

  • include the contact phone number and email of the service provider’s authorized representative

  • be signed by the service provider’s authorized representative.

If you have any questions, please contact the Number Pooling Customer Support at 1-866-NEUPOOL or

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