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Quarterly Pooling Tip – April 2022


Pooling in a NPA that is in Jeopardy

When jeopardy is declared in an NPA this means that the forecasted and/or actual demand for CO Code resources will exceed the known supply during the planning/implementation interval for relief. 

New Block Requests
If you are participating in pooling in an NPA that is in jeopardy, the new block request will not be affected.

LRN, Pool Replenishment, or Dedicated Customer CO Code Request
Upon jeopardy being declared you are required to participate in the lottery until the final jeopardy procedures are in place. Once the final jeopardy procedures are in place, when there are CO Codes set aside for pooling, you can submit a CO Code request for an LRN, Pool Replenishment, or for a Dedicated Customer and these requests will not be affected. 

If there are no CO Codes set aside for pooling, then you are required to participate in the lottery, therefore requests may only be submitted during the first five (5) business days of the month

For information on the NPAs that are currently in jeopardy including the Jeopardy Procedures, go to


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